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In this video, Neil Tappin reviews the Perfect Practice Perfect Putting mat. With so many golfers stuck at home and unable to play, could this offer the opportunity to get you golfing fix while also improving your game? Watch our full review of the Perfect Practice Perfect Putting Mat. Golf Monthly is supported by its…Continue Reading

Alright we can stop the bashing of the last video! Here are some actual Golf Club Tips but after I was done editing I realized it was 75 percent putting. So here is a putting guide with some other tips in there. Enjoy. The Golf Club Tours: Twitch: Twitter: Website: Merch:…Continue Reading

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PGA Pros like Corey Paven choose a weak equal hold, Tiger Woods opts for both thumbs down the middle of the shaft. Every golf pro has a variance on their putting stroke technique, but the execution matters less than the result. Perfecting our putting technique varies from player to player. Many golfers use a snug…Continue Reading