Rory’s tee shot on 9 today hit me on the fly, and I somehow got it on camera. : golf

I know this is going to sound far fetched, but Rory’s miss was left earlier today, and he was outdriving Tiger and Spieth by a lot, so I went a little further down alongside the fairway than previous tee balls landed and pulled out my phone to film on the off chance I’d get to go up to his ball.

I am normally pretty good at following it in the air from the tee, but I missed it and then had a jolting pain just above my waist. It was all adrenaline. Had a great time getting hit lol. Then I gave the phone to a friend to film when Rory came up because I didn’t want to be holding a phone while I quickly told him what happened. I was pretty nonchalant but showed him the welt thinking maybe I’d get a signed glove or something. Nope. Oh well. Had fun today.

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