Dan Whittaker golf tips: Improve your long putting

Teaching professional and YouTube star Dan Whittaker has some advice on how to become more confident on the greens

Dan Whittaker golf tips: Improve your long putting
Are you having problems with your long putting?

In the latest episode of his instruction series, teaching professional and YouTube star Dan Whittaker met with NCG’s Tom Irwin at Trump International Golf Links in Aberdeen to take him through some putting tips, specifically looking at long putting.

What do you think about over a long putt?

Don’t three putt it. I’ve never been a particularly good lag putter. Sometimes it’s 10 feet past and sometimes it’s 10 feet short.

Are you thinking about maintaining the tempo or do you increase the speed by hitting it a little harder?

I think it’s instinctive to hit it a little harder when yo are further away.

Dan explains to Tom that he will have more of a strike issue due to the fact he is trying to hit the ball harder. Acceleration results in a change in direction of the sweet spot, resulting in inconsistent strikes.

How to fix it?

What you need to do is adjust to the fact you need to make a longer swing but keep the same rhythm and tempo. The worst thing you can do is try and hit the ball harder because the strike just won’t be there.

Watch the full video above for more advice from Dan.

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