Golf Putting – How to Read Greens for Putts – Part 1

Reading Greens – Part 1 – Golf lesson and golf tips on how to read greens for putting.

Reading Golf Greens

► Reading Greens for Putting Tips – Video Golf Lesson Summary

Being able to correctly read greens will allow for overall better putts to be made and fewer 3-putts in your golf rounds.

Naturally, the slope or bumps in the green will impact on the roll of your putts. But the speed at which you hit your putts will determine how much of an effect those bumps will have on your line. Putts that are hit harder will deviate less from bumps than those hit softer.

In order to better judge what affects the slope of the green will have on the line of the putt you are encouraged to read the green from behind the ball, from behind the hole and from either side of the line.

Special attention should also be made towards the second half of the putt. This is because the ball will roll slower in the second part and therefore will be more influenced by the slope of the green than it will be in the first half of the putt.

Also, be mindful that amateur golfers tend to underestimate the breaks in putts, resulting in misses on the low side of the hole. Therefore, after the line is assessed pick a target that will allow for the ball to roll towards the top of the hole rather than the bottom of the hole. Indeed, a ball missed on the low side will almost never climb up and into the hole while a ball missed on the high side has a chance of falling to the bottom of the cup through gravity. This is why they call the low side the Amateur side of the hole and the top side the Pro side of the hole.

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