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Eyes over the ball is one of the most terrible putting lessons you can have and Andy Gorman, putting coach to the European tour and LPGA golf stars share one of the most important and simple golf tips you can have. If you want to learn more visit

Today’s golf lesson Alex Fortey and Andy Gorman talk about the relation of the eyes and the golf ball.

If you are looking for best eyes over ball training lesson this video is for you. Because in this video you’ll understand the importance of keeping your eyes over the ball.
This eyes over ball system correct your golf putting stance. You’ll improve your stance, improve your golf putting technique, golf putting drill, golf putting strokes.

It’s one of the most important golf putting lesson who want to be a master of golf putting myth.

Are you frustrated with the consistency of your scores and sick and tired of not shooting the scores you know you are capable of? I bet you are, and now it’s time to turn a corner on your golf game forever. You’re about to learn the putting secrets and methods that the very best players in the world are using.

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So let’s watch this video and learn how to improve your putting.

Alex Fortey says:
0:27 I was always familiar with is eyes over the ball at address. The eyes should always be over the balls and then we’d quickly test it and sure many of you do the same. You just take the ball cross, your eyes drop it and that’s where you place the platter and that was going to stop the position that you need to be in.

0:55 This is a myth and we shouldn’t be doing that I was flawed and you probably think this isn’t gonna work for me. Please explain why?

Andy Gorman explain’s
1:0 The simple thing for me is that if we putt with our eyes then that’s fine but we don’t put our hands and the putter and so we need to be able to get the putter and the hands in a position where they’re free and able to move if we put our eyes over the golf ball.
We’re actually isolating our eyes as to this is what I need to hit and this is how I’m going to do it well if it’s in the wrong place. We’re just going to move the putter around the body in order to do that.

So we need to make sure that the eyes are in exactly the right position or more important the ball is in the right position relative to the body and the eyes and the butter.


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