Golf Putting – Part 1 – How to Line Up for a Putt

Putting Alignment Tips – Golf lesson and golf tips on how to line up for a putt.

Putting Alignment

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One of the key golf fundamentals in putting is actually aiming the club and your body in the right direction.

First, the clubface needs to be perpendicular to the line we are aiming on. Doing so will help put your body on line as well.

Second, as far as feet alignment is concerned, you must be particularly careful not to have your feet line up with the hole, or pointing at the hole. Rather, your feet should be aiming to the left of the hole, in what we call “parallel left”. For example, if your toes are 18 inches from the ball, the line formed by your feet should be pointing 18 inches to the left of the hole. That way, the line of the feet will be parallel to the line of the ball.

Failing to position your feet and target line parallel will put you in a misalignment position where the swing path will cross the feet alignment. Rather, you want your feet, knees, hips and shoulders to all point parallel left of the hole.

So before going any further with these putting lessons make sure your putting alignment is correct as this could be your key to good putting.

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