Golf Putting – Part 2 – Stance and Ball Position for a Putt

Putting Stance and Ball Position Tips – Golf lesson and golf tips on how to position your feet and hands in relation to the golf ball.

Putting Stance & Ball Position

► Putting Stance and Ball Position Tips – Video Golf Lesson Summary

After going over the putting alignment (previous video in the series) we will want to look at the ball position and the width of the stance when putting.

In putting, your feet should be in a narrower position than they are in a normal golf swing but not too narrow that you no longer feel comfortable or stable in your putting stance. Your feet your be approximately hip-width apart and your feet should be pointing straight forward, not angled to the side in what we call foot flaring.

The position of the ball should be just ahead of center, similarly to what it would be using a 6-iron. The putter head should be flat on the ground. Your arms should hang down nicely from your shoulders. Your hands should be just ahead of the ball, and you can actually grip the club wherever it feels most comfortable on the putter grip, not necessarily at the top of the grip.

Regarding putter length and where to grip the club, be mindful of the length of your putter. If you are shorter and are using a putter that is longer than average you should consider having your golf pro cut up the shaft to the correct length. That way you will be more comfortable in your putting swing and the top of the club will stay clear of your body.

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