Golf Putting – Part 4 – How to Grip the Putter in your Hands

Putting Grip Tips – Golf lesson and golf tips on how to grip the putter in your hands.

Putting Grip

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The next part in these “fundamentals for putting” lessons is to make sure you are gripping the putter correctly.

You can change the grip slightly from what you are using in your normal golf swings since that grip allows for wrist hinge, which is meant to help generate power into your swing. But in putting you don’t want any wrist hinge at all. Indeed, involving your wrist in your putting stroke will make distance control very difficult to master and to replicate consistently.

So how do you grip a putter exactly?

First grip the putter with your left hand at the top of the grip as you normally would for any golf club. Then put your right hand below but don’t interlink your finger as you would in an interlock golf grip. Point your right index finger down the side of the club shaft (or grip). SImilarly, point your left index finger and position it on top of your right fingers that are around the grip of the club.

Pointing your index fingers that way will help prevent your wrists from breaking. Indeed, the putting stroke is very much a shoulder rotation affair, with no wrist action.

You will also make sure that your body weight does not shift from one foot to the other throughout your putting stroke. Rather, your weight will remain distributed 50/50 between your left and right foot, and 50/50 between your heels and toes.

The hips remain still and so does your head. Your shoulders rock gently back and through, carrying with them your hands and your putter.

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