Golf Putting – Part 6 – How to Control the Distance of your Putts

Putting Distance Control Tips – Golf lesson and golf tips on how to control the distance of your putts.

Putting Distance Control

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Putting in golf involves focusing on two main characteristics: the direction and the pace (or distance) of the putt.

If you only focus on the line of the putt – as some do – and forget about distance control your putts might go too long or too short, making the second putt difficult to sink and resulting in a three-putt.

So for longer putts, thinking about distance control should be your main focus rather than the line of the putt. Even if the putt never has a chance to go in, the comeback will be easier and in some cases will consist of a simple tap-in.

Since golfers usually have success hitting putts that are shorter than 3 feet long, the ideal target for your putts should be 18 inches past the hole. Doing so will leave enough momentum for the ball to actually reach the hole instead of stopping short of the hole. And if it doesn’t go in it will only roll past the hole a safe distance where hitting the comeback putt shouldn’t be too difficult.

To help with distance control, stand over the ball and do a few practice strokes while looking 18 inches past the hole. Rock your shoulders back and through a few times until you find the correct backswing and follow through length. Then it’s just a matter of executing the putt on the line and pace you determined.

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