Golfers’ guide to side-saddle putting: An introduction

This is the first episode in a new video series to introduce you to side-saddle putting. If you’ve never tried it, perhaps it will unlock a whole new to way to make more putts.

Here’s the backstory: In September of 2019, the father-daughter team of Billy and Brittany Bomar decided to take their successful and unique putting style — what golfers know as side-saddle or “face-on” — and turn it into a business. Their company, Bomar Putting Co., combines an extensive knowledge of the side-saddle stroke with a belief that facing the target with “binocular vision” is the best way to putt. Bomar Putting Co. also sells custom-engineered putters made specifically for the side-saddle stroke.

The Bomars have been able to grow the game of golf by making putting more efficient by using a natural athletic motion for optimal results. From the very first strike of the ball on the putting green, many golfers quickly realize they are truly rolling the ball the way they were meant to be.

In this new video series, you’ll learn about the benefits of side-saddle putting, and how to line up and stroke putts while using this unique — and legal! — putting style.


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