How to make a putting hole in your backyard

I make a putting hole in your backyard green you need:
– A hammer
– An old putting cup
– Gloves
– A bucket
Select the area where you want to place your putting cup. Place the putting cup and tap around the cup using a hammer. Do not go too deep; remove soil from the bottom of the putting cup and be careful not to ruin the edges of the cup. Deep a deeper hole than necessary then place your new putting cup.
Let me know if you have any question.

My gear:
Flightscope mevo ▶
Video editing Macbook Air ▶
Videos recorded with Iphone XR ▶
GST – 5 GL swing radar ▶
Tablet used for mevo app ▶

My backyard setup:
Type of grass in my green ▶
Golf net ▶
Golf mat ▶
Real feel mat ▶
Wiffle balls ▶
Swinguide ▶
Dimpled foam balls ▶
Yellow foam balls ▶


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