How To Save Putting Strokes with a Preshot Routine

Nothing derails a golf round more than 3-putting. The best putters on tour make upwards of 90% of their 2-putts from 40 ft…Are you leaving the green shaking your head..well you’re in luck because today I’m going to give you the one concept that will improve your lag putting once and for all…

I’m Sam Vosler…lead golf coach for the Sanford POWER Golf Academy and with my good friends at USGolfTV..

And today we are going to focus on how you are using your eyes as a tool in you’re pre shot routine to help with distance control.

Most golfers tend to make putting more technical and static than it should be. Often I find the masses of golfers rarely look at their target and if so not enough in their preshot routine.

We have to remember that golf, and specifically putting, is a “feel” sport. What do I mean by that? It’s a sport where hand-eye coordination and understanding depth of a target dictates our length of motion and power we use to get to that target.

Think of other sports

Does Steph Curry look at his motion of his stroke while he is shooting a free throw? No, he’s looking at the target.

How about Tom Brady when he’s throwing a bullet over the middle to his receiver? He’s looking at a point (a target), being more target-focused than technical.

Jordan Spieth is very well known for being a great mid to long range putter. He uses this method and becomes more athletic as opposed to static.

So the next time you step up to your ball after getting your read I want you to implement these 3 steps.

– After a few strokes to find your tempo, continue your strokes and look at the hole while making your motion
– When you step into your putt, let your eyes set your feet
– Take one to two more glances at the hole and roll the putt

Start using your eyes more to visualize the speed and you’ll start 2-putting like the pros!


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