Ball position can be considered a balance point of your stroke. If you have it too far in one direction or the other, it can easily throw the balance of your stroke off. It’s important to know this if you want your stroke to be consistent and repeatable.

For simplicity purposes the ball should be under the lead eye; left eye for right-handed players, right eye for left-handed players. There is approximately a 3″ variance you can have and that is largely due to putter head and shaft styles.

When the ball is under the lead eye the putter’s ability to square itself to the target line, meaning the face of the putter is perpendicular to the target line at impact, the ability to make more putts, more consistently is greatly enhanced.

What is The Golf Paradigm (Pair-a-dime)?
The Golf Paradigm is a theory that encompasses a Whole-In-One approach to improvement. It begins with the overall paradigm; i.e. the game of golf. Followed by two parts that are always to remain in balance; i.e. the golf yin/yang – ‘improving’ and ‘enjoyment’. Helping to maintain that balance are the 5 elements of the game; the swing, club fitting, health/fitness, mental, and integration. Knowing which area to focus on and how the other areas supplement that helps to form the golfers ‘recipe’ for improvement. As the golfer improves their recipe, or what is focused on, changes and this is what allows them to reach levels of play they never thought possible. It’s not magical, but it’s close.

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