Cameron Champ Swing Analysis / Iron vs. Iron / Justin Thomas Swing Analysis (Kiwicoach Tips)

Hey Guys!

Welcome to Cameron Champ’s Swing Analysis! In this golf swing analysis of Cameron Champ and as well golf swing analysis of Justin Thomas…. We’re going to go into Cameron Champ’s iron golf swing, as well as Justin Thomas’s iron golf swing.

We’re going to make some bold claims that Cameron Champs golf swing could be a bit more optimal than Justin Thomas golf swing. There’s some rate of closure ideas in this video analysis of Cameron Champ’s Golf Swing as well as golf lower body moves that Justin Thomas has in his golf swing.

It will be an interesting golf swing analysis for everyone out there, and I hope some great take home points as well. So, it’s time for Cameron Champ vs. Justin Thomas golf swing analysis / duel!

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