In this tip I explain how to get that slow easy swing. You know the one. It looks like you’re barely swinging yet you hit the ball a mile. This is the swing I’ve been teaching since 1991. No matter what your age or skill level you can learn this effortless golf swing.

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If you learned golf as an adult, you’re not doing this easy swing. Instead, you are just whacking away at it trying to hit the ball as hard as you can which makes your swing look fast and violent.

Although this hard, fast swing feels good you will not hit the ball your longest and you may end up hurting yourself. Plus, as you get older, you will continue to lose distance because as you age you get weaker.

A slow easy golf swing is based on your body rotation not your arms. This is why it looks slow yet it creates a ton of power. If you’re sick of being inconsistent, not hit the ball very long and playing in pain then you need to learn this slow easy golf swing.

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