ROTATIONAL GOLF SWING (For Longer & Straighter Shots)

In this tip I teach you how to do a rotation golf swing. Once you start doing this you will be hitting longer & straighter shots.

This tip goes against a very common thing people are being taught. I have literally been teaching this for 30 years and once people start creating the 2 axis in their swing they start hitting the ball long and straighter than ever.

So what do we need to do to build a rotational swing? We need to create 2 axis. The first is when you go into the backswing. The second is into the follow through. You get these 2 axis by moving your head. That’s right. You need to move your head in a golf swing to build a rotational swing.

After you watch what I do, try it yourself in a mirror, video or watch your reflection in a window and try to move your head going back. Once you do, you will create the first axis. Once you create the first, you can transition and create the second axis into the follow through. This rotational swing will have you hitting longer and straighter than ever.

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