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How does Sergio García create that distinctive lag in his swing? And how does he pull the chain without slicing? Hank Haney breaks down Sergio’s swing for us.

Here’s Sergio Garcia. One of the most
distinctive swings on the PGA Tour.
You could literally be three fairways away
and notice that’s Sergio’s swing.
The thing that’s distinctive about it, he has a lot of lag in his swing.
Look at the difference between his left arm and the club shaft.
That is a ton of lag when you have a tight angle like that that’s a lot of lag.
What amateur golfers would look like in many times at this point in the swing, is that they would be in a position like that with their club head.
That’s what they call throw away.
When you’ve thrown your club out from the top
and you’re losing all your angle,
all your power.
So being able to maintain that angle
allows you to use it at the bottom of the swing,
which is where it matters.
If you release too early, then your speed is gone
before you get to the golf ball.
The problem is, for a better player,
they tend to hook the golf ball.
So they want to hold on to that angle as much as they can
to keep the club face from closing.
The issue with amateur golfers, though,
is they usually slice the golf ball.
And if you try to lag the club like Sergio Garcia,
you’re probably going to slice it worse,
’cause the club head’s gonna have a hard time catching up.
He does a great job at the bottom, at impact,
of allowing that golf club to release
and getting his left wrist into a square position at impact.
Let’s take a look at him at impact.
Look at that.
He’s now got himself in a position where the left arm
and the club head and shaft are in one straight line.
He’s regained that position that he needed to
at impact in order to hit the golf ball straight.
That’s a tough move to make, especially if you’re
not as quick as Sergio Garcia.
So if you’re someone who slices the golf ball,
trying to lag the club is probably not what you wanna do.
But if you’re someone who hooks the golf ball,
definitely, you wanna try to put more lag in your swing.
Here’s how Sergio Garcia does it:
when you look at his golf swing from start to finish,
what you wanna notice is how he starts his lower body
before his club ever reaches the top of his swing.
The club’s still going back, and the lower body starts down.
That’s how you produce lag in the golf swing.
You don’t try to just lag it by holding on to your wrists.
You get that blend of upper body turning back,
lower body start in the downswing,
before you finish the back swing.
And that’s how you lag the golf club.
If you’re hooking the golf ball,
that’s a good move for you to try to emulate.

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Sergio García’s Golf Swing Secrets Revealed by Hank Haney | Golf Lessons | Golf Digest


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