Stop Adding Tension To Your Golf Swing!!

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Hey YT! Welcome back to another ‘Tips With Tish’. Today I’m going to run you through a common problem that I find in many mid to high handicappers. It’s so easy to try and muscle through your swing, however keeping it ‘Loosey Goosey’ is more efficient and is the way to go! With the right tension points and using the Towel Drill, I promise it can change your game… It has certainly helped with mine. Let me know what you think of this tip and what more you’d like to see!

Hope you all enjoy! If you like what you see – you know what to do.


TISHA ALYN is an influential golf media personality, host, trick shot artist, professional golfer, & dancer. After becoming a professional golfer in 2015 while teaching at a private golf club on the side, Tisha quickly made herself known outside of the pro circuit through leveraging her social media. She’s garnered thousands of followers across major platforms and has partnered with some of the biggest brands which has led her to become one of the top golf media personalities today. Currently, Tisha uses her platform to share her love of golf, while creating entertaining & engaging content ranging from trick shots to instruction, modeling the latest from PUMA, hosting brand activations across the globe, and advocating for the LGBTQ + communities.

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