THE BEST GOLF SWING TIP OF ALL TIME [Arnold Palmer’s Favorite Tip]

The BEST GOLF SWING TIP OF ALL TIME. Do you want to wear out the sweet spot on the center of your clubface like that? Arnold Palmer’s one golf swing thought CAN take care of your whole golf swing and make it happen powerfully, simply, body-friendly – leading to more FUN for you. Take a golf swing tip from one of the greatest golfers of all time and begin hitting the golf ball extremely solid with more yardage and FUN!

What’s the GREATEST GOLF SWING TIP OF ALL TIME? It’s quite simple and it will cause your golf swing to happen naturally without thinking so much about it. This swing tip was featured in a Golf Digest article highlighting Arnold Palmer’s best golf tips. This was one of his favorite tips – “point the lead shoulder at the ball.” That’s it – that’s ALL you need to have a fantastic, powerfully consistent swing.

1. Point the lead shoulder at the ball – maintains your body’s relationship to the golf ball throughout the golf swing leading to crispy clean contact and finding the center of the clubface ALL DAY LONG.
2. As you do this, your hips naturally turn (powered by the turning of the torso) – creating an effortless power source for you in the golf swing.
3. You stay centered over the ball for clean contact shot-after-shot. You’ll notice that this swing thought ELIMINATES SWAYING AND SHIFTING off of the golf ball, leading to your best contact ever.
4. The Backswing – the club will trace the proper golf swing path leading to an efficient and simple one-plane swinging motion.
5. The Downswing – the club naturally reacts to the turning of the torso and travels on the proper path into the golf ball INSTEAD of chopping at it and swinging over the top.

EFFECTIVELY, this golf swing thought can eliminate a ton of golf swing flaws and problems for you, IF YOU ALLOW it to do the work.

Is there a catch? NO. However, like all good things, you must do some work up front to get this thought to perform correctly every single time. You have to master the 3 GOLF SWING PREREQUISITES that I discuss in the episode. They will help you master this tip and ensure that your swing repeats all day long.

1. Introduction to this Awesome Golf Tip – 2:06
3. Golf Swing Prerequisite #1 – 4:05
4. Golf Swing Prerequisite #2 – 5:12
5. Golf Swing Prerequisite #3 – 6:44
6. THE GOLF SWING TIP – In Arnie’s words – 8:08
7. Implementing THE BEST GOLF SWING TIP OF ALL TIME – 8:40
8. The Golf Downswing 10:25
9. Tom’s Experience with this Golf Tip 13:15
10. BONUS GOLF TIP – 14:57
11. Join Tom’s Online Golf School – Saguto.Golf 16:19

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