Mark Crossfield is talking golf swing and release in the golf swing and why you might NOT be able to release the golf club in the golf swing. Mark Crossfield is a golf professional with over 20 years of coaching experience and today is talking simple golf swing basics that can help all golfers improve their iron play along with their driver golf swing. When it comes to releasing the golf club and watching how your golf swing release appears on camera you need to make sure you understand your golf match ups to make sure you get the most from these ideas. many golfers see funky golf swing releases and try to fix what the see in a chicken wing golf swing or a over flippy golf swing where you might have more success with the match up ideas in this simple golf swing video.

If you want to improve your driver golf swing or your iron golf swing the ideas in todays golf tips video could make huge differences to the way you think about your golf swing and how you practice going forward. Let Mark know in the comments below if this video helps and if the ideas made sense by dropping a comment in the comment section and remember to enter to comp with the link below for your chance for a FREE golf lessons.

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