This is why you can’t fire your hips in the downswing and create crazy SPEED and POWER! PART 2 – we look at the best ROTATION exercises for ALL levels of golfers no matter AGE or ABILITY this will help you!

This is part of our ROAD TO THE OPEN series and i think you will be surprised how much this will affect your golf swing! You haven’t seen this before!

Visit Nat’s website here – https://www.pro-fitgolfconditioning.com

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Award winning PGA golf professional has got Nat back from Pro fit golf to talk through and check up on the HIP mobility tests from last time! How do i get on? Also we look at the BEST rotation exercise to load and make the perfect backswing! WE KNOW GOOD ROTATION in the golf swing will allows us to hit the golf ball LONGER with IRONS and Driver and that means a way to LOWER scores and out driving out golf mates!

Tune into today’s video, it’s a brilliant one

Alex Elliott Golf focusses on all aspects of the golf swing and using simple tips to help address those areas where amateurs go wrong. Daily tips are released and these short videos help to explain everything a golfer needs to improve their golf. A lot of these tips are proven to work! These simple golf tips have helped people to break 100, break 90, break 80 or even break 70! On this channel, we are here to keep things simple! Simple tips, with a positive attitude. We are not here to make your swing perfect, we are here to make small improvements that can make a massive change to your golf swing.

The daily tips for golf came around as I loved the positive feedback I was receiving, and knowing i can help golfers across the world means so much!

All areas of the golf swing are discussed to help you improve your golf, this is all about using the hips in the golf swing, swing plane, golf swing for irons, golf swing and fitness exercises for senior golfers, gaining speed in your golf swing, driver tips, golf swing basics, how to use driver, how to use all clubs in the best way, the best way to swing a golf club and the list goes on!
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